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Post by N#23 on 8/20/2010, 8:55 pm

~ The title speaks for itself.

Staff members, contributors, visitors, you are in any ways contributing to the advance of this project. By writing, by creating, by reading, you turn the "In the Buzzer" magazine as a real pleasure. In order to increase the "links" between us, I wanted to put in place this particular part of the forum. Here, we'll discuss about anything. Buzzerbeater, sports, mangas, movies, series. The 1996 NBA season, the 2010-2011 Premier League Barclay, Captain Tsubasa return, One Piece scan, just share what you like to talk about. I love to write, even if it's not a perfect or even a good English, so you can count on me.

Good discussion to all.


~ Chief Executive Of "In the Buzzer".
Journalists/Columnists & Layout artist.

Chief executive

Team Byakko Kingdom

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