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Post by N#23 on 8/21/2010, 4:02 pm

Hey people !

Here's a little presentation of the "In the Buzzer" staff magazine. We're few, but we try to do our best to make people appreciate more Buzzerbeater than before.

Thanks to following people for contributing to this nice project :

Chief executive : [1]
N#23 - Prathet Thai

Corrector : [2]
SpFpower - U.S.A.

Consultant : [1]
Moutlinho - Türkiye

Journalists/Columnists : [4]

SpFpower - U.S.A. / Deals with global subjects. Specialized in Interviews & Game analysis and Previews.
JamesBond - Greece / Deals with global subjects.
Moustache - France / Deals with the French community. Specialized in the ODP.

Updated 3rd November 2010.

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~ Chief Executive Of "In the Buzzer".
Journalists/Columnists & Layout artist.

Chief executive

Team Byakko Kingdom

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