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Better when it's french?

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Better when it's french?  Empty Better when it's french?

Post by Moustache/Snake on 8/23/2010, 4:08 am

Hi guys!

First, I'll introduce you my team. So, I'm the general manager of The Snakes, previously known as King_Snake or mostly called Snake. My team is on the court since the season 3, our first word is : DEFENSE! 3 last seasons at the top of my conference, but always loosed during the finals. I know : loooooooooser!

In real Life my name is Joffrey, Im 20years old, and I just passed my degree in Civil Engineering, but I won't stop there. I need some diploma more, for my personal collection =P. I'm living in Paris or in the Suburbs depends of what I need to do, some times it's way more convinient to live in Paris and some times not realy Smile. But Paris is very usefull espacialy when it comes to girls =P! As you can see on my avatar, I'm often playing basketball (it's more like streetball but anyway ^^!) on Paris playgrounds, this is simply Awesome ^^! Lately, my nickname changed to Moustache for the BB comunity because of a meeting with some french BB players (there was also one guy from Belgium). I want to tell you more about this story. In the evening we went to an outside theater to watch a film in middle of Paris (Parc de la Villette) to see "A clockwork Orange", once there we saw a guy with a such funny moustache... I could'nt stop laughing after seeing him... Overnight, I came to the rendez-vous with the same one, and everybody from this weekend in Paris call me like that now ^^!

Now, I'm going to tell you why am I here =). I'm a member of the French Scouting Organisation (Called O.D.P. in french). thanks to that and my high activity on the French Buzzer Beater comunity external forum, I'm going to write some articles about what's happening mostly in France. But I'm realy keen to the idea of writing somethings abour my organization to you, how we think about young player and their training etc... etc...

Oh, one more thing, I know you're wondering why this topic Title. Juste because of this video :


Team The Snakes

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Better when it's french?  Empty Re: Better when it's french?

Post by N#23 on 8/23/2010, 5:08 pm

~ HaHaHa ! Funny story "mustache" (I kind of speak the American English not the British one) Razz.

Glad you're part of the project. We can see that you love basketball and that's what matters most. I was planning to insert a "In Real Life" basketball category that will deal with the appreciation of a country towards basketball. Your experience in the streets will be a useful to this part.

And nice video Wink.

Rights given !


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