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Hey it's SpFpower! =D

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Hey it's SpFpower! =D Empty Hey it's SpFpower! =D

Post by SpFpower on 8/17/2010, 10:36 pm

Hello All!

I'm SpFpower manager of future NBBA champions, The King of Kings. I became GM of this franchise in season 7 and have slowly climbed the ranks of the USA. It's my first season in division III.5 and I aim in a few seasons to be in Division II, and after that the NBBA! The skys the limit in Buzzerbeater and I try to get the best out of my players night in and night out.

I really feel that I can contribute greatly for this magazine. I love all aspects of Buzzerbeater and want to share my knowledge and insight with my fellow staff members and readers. For a short period of time I was working with DonutDunker from Canada's III.15 on Buzzerbeater-Newz and enjoyed writing articles for our fans, unfortunately we had to shut down as we couldn't keep up with all the news and few staff. One usually does not pay attention to other parts of the world besides their own and this is true in Buzzerbeater and real life, I want to change this and with everybodys help WE can create an amazing magazine that will open the eyes of everybody around the globe to see the big picture, the WORLD of Buzzerbeater! =D

A little about myself, my real name's Shaun for a start, I still prefer SpF however Razz I'm not a professional writer but I am taking college classes at the moment about writing and literature. I do have some experience however, as stated above writing for a website for BuzzerBeater-Newz. I'm on Buzzerbeater frequently or in other words whenever I can Razz. I love to browse the forums, update my league on the latest matches, follow the B3, NT, and U21 teams, and am very active in USA's chat during live games. I love to travel and other parts of the world really intrigue me, that is one of the main reasons I want to see this magazine succeed because were bringing in other cultures to one's household. I love Buzzerbeater and together I'm sure that as a team will help to continue to grow our favorite online basketball management game and make this magazine unmatched by any challenges Smile

P.S. I'm always open for a scrimmage Wink love that flag chasing.


Team The King of Kings

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Hey it's SpFpower! =D Empty Re: Hey it's SpFpower! =D

Post by N#23 on 8/18/2010, 7:58 pm

Wow ! Impressive & pleasant presentation. I see that you love writing. For writing such a long post you must do !

Even though nobody registered for the moment (I haven't communicate this forum yet), I'm glad to count you as a team member. And I'm sure we'll create an entertaining magazine and make people want to learn about what happens in other countries. & that goes for the virtual world (Buzzerbeater) and the real one Wink.
Chief executive

Team Byakko Kingdom

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